Open Call for Scholarships

Data Science Bootcamp

Start a successful and highly paid career

Brainster is always looking to support the brightest talents looking to kick-start their career in Data Science. This open call for scholarships is for anyone looking to take advantage of the uncertainty on the job market and start a highly paid career. We are ONLY looking for highly motivated and focused individuals ready to dedicate their time and start learning Data Science. 

You will be able to learn Data Science by working on real life projects, and create your own portfolio that will help you land the job you always wanted.

At the remote live Data Science Bootcamp in Vienna, you'll conquer key domains like:

  • Data Engineering in SQL
  • Data Analysis
  • Software Engineering in Python
  • Maths & Stats for Applied Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning and predictive models

🔥 A recently published IBM’s study found that the world needs another 28% Data scientists worldwide by 2020 to meet increased demand. If we add data from various job-listings to this and annual salary of 130.000$, we can see why Data Scientist is considered the “hottest profession” in 2020.